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Handicap Methods

USGA Method

The most common method used in the United States, Canada and Australia. It uses the most recent 20 scores to calculate the current handicap. It requires at least 5 scores, but we provide variations where a less accurate handicap is obtained after just one round.

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EGA Method

The official method devised by the European Golf Association and used in the 40 European Federations. The method relies on Stableford Points and Handicap Categories to update the handicap. Read More

Rolling Average

The rolling average is widely used in league play. We use the most recent X scores to calculate a handicap, throwing away worst Y and best Z scores. The remaining scores are averaged to calculate the handicap. You can customize X, Y and Z. Read More

Weighted Averages

The exponential smoothing concept constantly averages out the previous handicap with the new score. The weights are customizable.

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Full Average

Throw the worst score, throw the best score, average the rest. Simple and effective.

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Gobran's Method

Exponential smoothing for the first 3 scores using weights 20%, 40% and 40%. Average out going forward. Custom method developed for Edward Gobran’s Hackers League in Canada.

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Average Quota

This method allows calculating a target quota for each round by averaging the quota results in the most recent rounds. The quota results can optionally be limited to not allow a bad quota day to affect the handicap.

Advanced Handicaps

Our most customizable handicap method, the Advanced Handicap function allows you to define your own handicapping method by specifying the number of scores that are to be used in each configuration.

Best 8 out of 20

A method used in modern handicap computation, it uses the best 8 scores out of the most recent 20. The number of scores used in computing the handicap varies for score amounts lower than 20. For certain score amounts, there are additional adjustments made.

Your Method?

We are continuously looking for more handicap methods to add to our collection. We will happily add your own custom method on request.

Reasons to use our service

Use Handicap Server with your golf league and reduce the handicapping effort

Golf Clubs

You are managing a golf club and you would like to provide handicaps to your golfers. We automatically calculate handicaps, print handicap cards and even allow golfers to post their own scores. You can choose from a variety of methods for calculating handicaps, while retaining full control over your golfer scores.

Golf Leagues

You are organizing a golf league with many golfers and many events throughout the season. We calculate golfer handicaps, allowing you to make sure that only verified scores are used in calculating the handicap.

Individual Golf

You play by yourself or with your friends. You want a quick way to maintain your golf handicap and keep track of past scores. We keep track of your scores and allow you to analyze your golf trend!

Who uses Handicap Server?

Our handicapping services are used across the world. Handicap Server is the official handicap provider for the Romanian Golf Federation and a number of golf clubs in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Our handicap services are also used as secondary handicaps for competition or league handicaps by golf clubs, individual leagues and private tours on three continents.

What are some of the Advanced Features?

Golf Handicap Analysis

All handicap methods supported by Handicap Server come together with a fully descriptive annotation that walks through the mathematical calculations leading to the final golf handicap. This provides the golf pro a straightforward answer to the common question: "Why is my golf handicap 19.2?"

Handicap Certificates

Print beautiful handicap certificates for your golfers in preparation to external competitions. The handicap certificates include a customizable logo, club details and signature and include the golfer's historical scores that lead to today's golf handicap.

Multiple Score Posting Methods

A golf handicap is as complete as the scores that it is derived from. Scores can be posted to Handicap Server using multiple methods:

  • Uploading a spreadsheet
  • Online, by club or league managers
  • Online, by individual golfers using their unique HS ID and PIN number
  • The Golf Genius tournament management system
  • Golf Utility System managed kiosks
  • From the Handicap Server iPhone app

Course and Tees

When golfers post scores, it is much easier to select the tee that they played from instead of entering rating and slope information. While we support both methods, clubs often set up their course and tee data in the system once, then forget about it until the next course rerating.

Rich Integrations and APIs

Integrations are key to a complete golfer experience and thus offer a plethora of integration types:

  • Post scores and retrieve handicaps using Golf Genius
  • Post scores using the Golf Utility System kiosks
  • Embed Handicap Server content on your club or league website
  • Custom API integrations available on request