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Get Started

There are a couple of easy steps you need to do in order to get started with Handicap Server:

  1. You create an account on Handicap Server.
  2. You register the player roster or you set up integrations to your league / event management software.
  3. If using an external service, indicate that you wish to post scores and retrieve indexes from Handicap Server. You will need to fill in the league ID we provided you to the league / event management software. This creates the needed "link".
  4. Your league management software will communicate with Handicap Server over the Internet to post scores and retrieve indexes.
  5. Your league management software can retrieve indexes for free the first time so that you can decide if you like Handicap Server.
  6. Enter scores or allow your group to post the scores themselves.
  7. We hope you enjoy working with us and if you have any comments/questions/requests, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

USGA Method

We use the USGA Method formula to calculate the index. When we have more than 20 scores in the system, we calculate the index based on the best 10 of the last 20. For 5-20 scores we use a standard table to determine how many scores to use and return the current handicap. For less than 5 score, USGA Method does not compute a handicap. In Handicap Server you have the option to get a handicap even for 4 scores by either taking the best score or the average.

European Golf Association

The official method devised by the European Golf Association and used in the 40 European Federations. The method relies on Stableford Points and Handicap Categories to update the handicap.

More details about the EGA method can be found here: EGA® Handicap Manual

Rolling Average

This method is very popular due to its simplicity. After each round of golf, we look at the most recent X scores, we throw away the worst Y scores and we average the rest. Popular combinations of X and Y are X = 3 & Y = 0 or X = 5 & Y = 2. This method provides a handicap immediately after the first score, by ignoring scores that need to be dropped.

Weighted Averages (Exponential Smoothing)

The Exponential Smoothing method in Mathematics is a technique applied to time series data (such as golf scores) in order to make forecasts. Your first handicap is the differential that is linked to the first score that you post. After each score posting we refine the handicap using a weighted average (you can choose the weight) between the previous handicap and the new differential.

Average All Differentials

Based on the proposal of our clients we developed 'All Average Differential' which is a pretty simple method that computes the average of differentials if less than four scores introduced. If there are between five and twenty scores, we throw away the worst and the best differential then compute the averaged of those which remained. If there are more than twenty scores, we take last twenty and calculate the average as in the cases above.

Edward Gobran's Method

'Edward Gobran's Method' starts with an initial handicap for all players. When the first score is registered, the new handicap is 1/4 of the score plus 3/4 of the initial handicap. The result is multiplies by 0.96, similar to the USGA Method. The second score and beyond modifies the handicap as follows: 0.2 of the initial handicap plus 0.4 of the first score plus 0.4 of the second score. A 96% percentage is applied to the final result.

We are continuously looking for more handicap methods to add to our collection and we will happily add your own custom method on request.

Are you a league management software representative interested in integrating Handicap Server into your system? No problem, we have a rich set of APIs, documentation and examples to get you started right away. Please contact us via email to get you access to our documentation. We are always around to provide any additional help required by you and your team.